Mark Henshaw Non-Executive Director
Creative Industries

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With almost 40 years of experience, my main focus is centred around helping make good businesses great! I’m fortunate to continue to advise Boards, keen on delivering outstanding organisational excellence.

My career’s mainly been focused on the media and entertainment sectors which has enabled me to work all over the world, with some fascinating, yet at times, challenging individuals – including pop stars, TV presenters and F1 teams and their drivers. Whilst accounting’s always been the catalyst for the engagement with my clients, it’s never been the conclusion of my role. In doing so, I’m delighted to bring with me a wealth of experience, to the Fortus Creative Team Board, and their clients, which I’m confident will elevate their growing reputation further.

When not working with my clients, I’m generally found composing songs with a guitar in my hand, writing comedy or walking with my family. Being on or near the water – seas, rivers or lakes, is really important to my wellbeing.

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“Bite off more than you can chew...andchew like mad"