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As we exit the global pandemic and having had experience of helping business owners and individuals navigate all sorts of issues across all sectors, our team’s typically able to add value to any situation.

An FTS Recovery client will typically be a corporate organisation or individual experiencing some form of financial difficulty, with the enquiry either Director-led through our microsite platform, or having been introduced by a third party intermediary contact.

Advice when you need it most

We’re able to offer advice around debt or equity fund raising (through our capital or debt advisory colleagues), business sale (vanilla or accelerated), formal and non-formal Insolvency and advisory options (such as time to pay arrangements, Liquidation), Administration or Voluntary Arrangements, as well as assisting individuals through Bankruptcy and other personal debt solutions.

Our Recovery team also assists clients with the extraction of capital in a tax efficient manner using Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) in the event that shareholders are seeking to exit their business, without a business sale presenting itself as an option.